LIOH Demands for Land, Peace and Democracy

Principle 1:

Land, water and forests are for those who live on it and work it; whose lives, livelihoods and identities depend on this.

Principle 2: To stop and reverse “land grabbing” system-wide

Land is for those who live on it and work it; whose lives, livelihoods and identities depend on this; therefore, any “development” or “investment” initiative that goes against this core principle should be stopped and rolled back; any and all land dispute processing mechanisms must adhere to this core principle.

Principle 3: Define an across- the -board land size ceiling, suited to agro-ecological context, with land redistribution and land restitution system-wide in the National Land Use Policy

Land size ceiling as both a remedial and preventive measure to stop and prevent future land polarization, to remedy landlessness, and to address past land injustices, both “inside” and “outside” customary tenure systems.

Principle 4: Respect for plural tenure system & customary practices within a federalist system

It needs to recognize of diverse customary tenure systems and farming practices, respect for the right to self-organization and self-determination in the use and management of land and related natural resources by the those who live on and work the land, and adoption of a federal system.

Principle 5: Apply genuine environmental protection

We believe that Land and forests, rivers and lakes, fisheries and seeds for life with genuine environmental protection, not for profit.

Principle 6: Respect for basic civil and political rights and freedoms of all rural working people/ ethnic peoples / rural women

  • Right to know (right to free and prior information, including across all phases of land and tenure rights mapping)
  • Right to consultation and participation without any kind of discrimination (including in any and all mapping initiatives/ efforts)
  • Right to decide
  • Right to due process (including right to appeal)
  • Right to review (contracts and agreements)
  • Right to self-determination
  • Right to restitution
  • Right to freedom from forced eviction
  • Right to freedom of association
  • Right to freedom of expression
  • Rights to dissent and protest

Land for People, Not Profit!

No Mapping Us Without Us!

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