19 Aug 2022

International community jointly released a solidarity announcement with a name ‘Solidarity for Myanmar People’ (SFMP) dedicating to the Myanmar people and their struggle. It also aimed to remind more people in the world about the terrible situation in Myanmar and how the Myanmar people are continuing an epic struggle against a brutal military regime & for a better future.

The announcement was available in 6 languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bahasa and Burmese. The statement also includes individual messages conveying solidarity and encouragement—some of which were quoted (anonymously) at the end of the document.

Altogether 369 people from 57 countries signed the announcement and the following 12 countries have more than 10 signatories (descending order of the number of signatories):

  1. Netherlands (34)
  2. United States (33)
  3. United Kingdom (30)
  4. Canada (24)
  5. India (23)
  6. Brazil (18)
  7. Sweden (15)
  8. South Korea (14)
  9. Norway (13)
  10. Philippines (12)
  11. Japan (11)
  12. Colombia (11)

Twenty-eight countries contributed between 2 and 10 signatories each—Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cambodia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar/Burma, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Zimbabwe.

Seventeen countries had 1 signatory each—Algeria, Bolivia, Cabo Verde, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Greece, Ireland, Liberia, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam.

International Solidarity with the Myanmar People!

We condemn the recent execution by the Myanmar military junta of four political prisoners.

We fear the possibility that the junta will take such unconscionable action again unless the utmost pressure is exerted. We are scholars and researchers from around the world who would like to add our voices to the growing wave.

We are appalled by the ongoing despicable inhuman actions of the Myanmar military junta. We deplore not only the recent execution of four political prisoners and the cruel and inhuman treatment of them and their families. But we also deplore the ongoing violent rampage and murderous assault indiscriminately waged on the people, including the children, elderly and infirm, in villages, towns and cities across the country, in an insane attempt to bludgeon them into submission.

We deplore the ongoing willful destruction of homes, farms, clinics and schools, and the deliberate assaults on food provisioning and humanitarian assistance efforts by local people trying to help each other and especially those worse off to survive the junta’s brutalities.

We deplore the continuing attempt by the Myanmar military junta to cling to power by whatever means.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar, who continue to resist as much as possible with dignity and determination, the oppression and violence visited upon them by the illegitimate and murderous Myanmar military junta. We stand in awe of your courage and commitment to resist what is wrong and to insist on what is right by any standard of decency.

We commit, as individuals, to do whatever we can in our own locations, to put pressure, however we can, on our own governments to recognize the will of the people and to take meaningful action in support of their struggle for freedom from military rule and for the chance to build a society based on genuine democracy, justice, and peace.

With this statement, we seek to add our voices to the choir of existing calls already made condemning the actions of the military junta, and to send our condolences and share our strength especially to all the brave people struggling on the ground in Myanmar — you are not forgotten or alone!

Solidarity For Myanmar People (SFMP)

Download the statement here.

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