Land Grabbing

Land grabbing cases are retrieved mainly from limited sources—the land research of LIOH (2015 & 2020), land right violations documentation activities of LIOH during 2019~2020 (together with the reports of partner organizations) and reliable media news (media tracking activity after 2020). Meaning that the cases shown here is just a tiny portion of actual land grabbing prevalent across the country.

Torching the Villages & Sealing the Housing Properties

Data related to the torching the villages is partly contributed by the Civil Information Network (CIN).


  • Hover the dot on the interactive map to see the related information: Registration code, case category & affected acres of land on the Map-1 and Located area with affected number of houses on the Map-2.
  • Filter the data by using data control – Date range, Case Category & State/Region on the Map-1 and Date range, state/region & Township on the Map-2.
  • [Recommended] Click on the square button at the bottom-right of the map to toggle the map in full-screen. Click on the same place to exit full-screen (back to normal window).

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