The value of Land (Narrator: KT) | Youtube | Burmese Language
The value of Land (Narrator: TN) | Youtube | Burmese Language
The Value of Land (Narrator: KT) | Facebook | Burmese Language

Transcript of the clip “The Value of Land”


Is LAND valuable?

Peoples usually answer “YES” and mostly in terms of monetary values for a plot of farm or a piece of land.

Does the land have more values other than monetary value?
What are the connections or relation between land and societies?

In Myanmar, 70% of population is living in rural areas and most of their livelihoods are depending on land. Different ethnic groups have different land management & governance systems passing through generations by generations; since before the current land laws are existed.

And rural livelihoods system is diverse, spread & connected like spider-web or spider-legs.

Since then, “people, forest & land” can’t be separated. Interests of individual people and of society are also merging in this system.

Land is not just a place to stay or a plot to grow (cultivate); it’s related with wider & deeper values such as culture, dignity, history, peace, sovereignty and so on.
* Land is not commodity;
* Land is identity for different tribes;
* Land is inheritance and memories;
* Land is the link amongst past, present & future;
* Land is sovereignty;

There’s no peace without land!

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