Landmarks of LIOH

The ultimate goal is to ensure the rights to land of small scale farmers/ land users & ethnic communities through Federal Land Governance. LIOH demands for Land, Peace & Democracy and set 6 core principles.


LIOH Founded

LIOH Founded in 2014 and call to promote, protect, respect & fulfill the land tenure rights of small-scale farmers, fishers, forest dwellers, rural women, rural youth, and nationalities.

Engagement to the NLUP process

Movement on the drafting process of the National Land Use Policy during 2015 (


Joint Research

Joint research report on the Impact of Upper Paunglaung Dam Relocation (

Research on land grabbing

LIOH’s research report on land grabbing (


RCEP Campaign

The national campaign against the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the EU-Myanmar Investor Protection Agreement (IPA), in 2016.

Network Re-structured

LIOH hosted election for network secretaries for new term, and strategized for land reform movements.


Reflection on Land Laws

LIOH facilitated public consultations & workshops on reviewing land related laws – happened in all states & regions.
The laws included the Farmland Law (2012) & Amendments (2017) (See LIOH’s analysis at and LIOH’s Statement at;
the Vacant, Fallow & Virgin Land Management Law (VFVL) (2012) & Amendments (2017); and
the Land Acquisition Bill (LAB) (2017)

Joint Publication

Joint analytical report “The Promise Unfulfilled: A Critique on the Land Reinvestigation Committee” ( (December 2017)


National Summit for Reflection on Land Laws

LIOH’s response on Government’s legal reform effort in land sector (Sub-national & National Workshops on reviewing existing land-related laws – 2018) (

Joint Publication

Joint Publication “Land Rights and Land Reclaiming Manual” (Burmese) – 2018

Movement on REDD+

Statement on REDD+ Strategy Development ( (3 May 2018)

People Land Forum

People Land Forum (September 2018)

Commentary on NLUP Forum

LIOH’s commentary on the Government’s National Land Use Policy (NLUP) Forum ( (October 2018)

Campaign against VFV

LIOH Launched 120-days anti-VFV campaign on 11 November 2018 (



LIOH’s Statement on World Bank’s Land Conference (2019) – March 2019 (;
LIOH’s Statement on Nationwide Movement Calling to Abolish Myitsone Dam Project – April 2019 (

Anti-VFV Campaigns

Anti-VFV campaigns happened througout country in various forms including rallying, posting stickers & posters, sending out letters to Hluttaw & Parliaments.

National Workshop on Consolidating the Movements

National Workshop compiling the various movements against VFV happened in different parts Myanmar. (December 2019)


LIOH’s Statement regarding the State visit of the President of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (January 2020) (;
Condemnation on Proceedings against and Attempted Arrest of Environmental Activist Saw Tha Boe (10 March 2020) (


Land Sector Overview

Land sector overview [Brief]

VFV Campaign Report

“There is no VFV in our area”: Compilation of Different Movements at National Level
March 2020 | Version-2

The Value of Land

The Value of Land (short-clip) (

Position Paper

LIOH’s Position Paper for an Umbrella Land Law (October 2020)

Federal Land Governance

Federal Land Governance (Online Discussion) – October 2020 (

FLG Report

LIOH’s Position Paper for an Umbrella Land Law and Federal Land Governance (November 2020)

Movement (Internet freedom & FOE)

Connect Rights Group & the Letter Campaign and Internet Freedom Campaign (June 2020) (;
LIOH joined the peoples’ movement for FOE (December 2020) (

Shifting Cultivation

Brief analysis for Shifting Cultivation (December 2020) (

Annual Report 2020

LIOH’s Annual Report 2020 is available for network members and its allies.

Movements & Demands 2021

In addition to the peoples’ rights to land movement & the call for federal land governance, LIOH is currently joining the peoples’ movements until the end of Fascism and nullification of the 2008 Constitution.
1) Condemnation of the Military’s Coup d’état (February 2021) (;
2) Condemnation of the Myanmar Military (March 2021) (;
3) GSCN marched in Yangon (;


Annual Report 2021

LIOH’s Annual Report 2021 is available for network members and its allies.

Customary Land & Practice Systems

Position Paper on the Rights to Customary Land and Practice Systems in Myanmar
(Essentials to consider for a Federal Democratic country)

Rights to Food in Myanmar

LIOH’s discussion on the Rights to Food in Myanmar.

Spirit of Salai Tin Mg Oo (Photo Strike)

You can kill my body but you can never kill my beliefs and what I stood for. I will never kneel down to your military boots!
– Salai Tin Mg Oo

Grow & Resist

Grow Dhamma (Just) – Break Adhamma (Unjust) [Growing by Resisting – Resisting by Growing] Photo Strike

Food Sufficiency at Risk

A commentary on the challenging situation of food sufficiency for both short and long term nation building in Myanmar.

Dispossession Situation Monitor

Launching the Dispossession Situation Maps

Peasant Day 2022

Marking December 22 as “the Peasant Day” & rejecting junta’s March-2 Farmer Day.


Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022 is available for network members & allies.

International Seeds Day

International Seeds Day (2023)