Condemnation of the Myanmar Military

March 2, 2021

Today, so-called “Farmers Day”, we condemn the killing of protesters by the military junta, as we condemn the long history of violent repression of farmers and widespread land-grabbing in our villages.

  1. The military council which has committed high treason is continuing its brutal crackdown and unprovoked attacks on unarmed protestors across the country; the acts include killings, arbitrary arrests, trespassing into people’s homes, destroying and stealing people’s property & food.
  2. There are already nearly 30 innocent people are dead and over 1,000 have been arrested and detained, since 1st February 2021.
  3. Today marks the 59th year of the officially and dishonestly declared “Farmers’ Day”, when the first military coup happened and many peasants, workers, and students, from many different ethnic nationalities, were murdered. We totally condemn and reject the fake “Farmers’ Day”!
  4. We strongly condemn every brutal crackdown and criminal act perpetrated by the military, since then and until now, including the grabbing of land from villagers all across the country.
  5. We declare the military and police force as terrorist groups for their violent acts on peaceful protestors.
  6. We are a key part of the people’s resistance today, as we have been in the past, and will remain so in the future, so long as it takes to get back all the lands that have been grabbed; to completely eradicate fascism; and to build a federal union that is true and faithful to the people’s aspirations for real democracy. And when that day comes, we will celebrate true peace by declaring a genuine Farmers Day.

Reject Fascism & Let’s Build Federal Democracy!

Land in Our Hands

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