Land in Our Hands (Doemyay) is an initiative of small-scale farmers, local farmer organizations, and supportive community based organizations and allied CSOs, compromised of more than 60 groups from all states and regions across the country. LIOH believes that in striving for durable peace and genuinely equitable and sustainable development in the country, and within the spirit of current democratic reforms, it is very vital that the Government, the Parliament and the Judiciary of the Union of Myanmar Republic work to promote, protect, respect, and fulfill the land tenure rights of small-scale farmers and fisher folks, and particularly of rural women and ethnic communities.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the rights to land of small scale farmers/ land users & ethnic communities through Federal Land Governance. LIOH demands for Land, Peace & Democracy and set 6 core principles.


  • 2015: Published 2 Reports
    • Destroying Peoples’ Lives: the Impact of Land Grabbing on Communities in Myanmar
    • Impact of Paung-laung Dam Relocation
  • 2016: NLUP adoption
  • 2017: Initiated the discussions on Customary rights & Federal land management
    • Publication: the Promise Unfulfilled
  • 2018: Land laws review & People Land Forum
    • Publication: Land Rights & Re-claiming Manual
  • 2019: “No VFV” movements report

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