Condemnation on Proceedings against and Attempted Arrest of Environmental Activist Saw Tha Boe

10 March 2020

  1. We, LIOH, are aware that there is a legal proceeding under Penal Code Section 505-b (Public Mischief) against and an attempted arrest of environmental activist Saw Tha Boe. We are also aware that the incident is related to traditional praying ceremony of village communities from Nat Kone Village of Bakat village Tract, happened on 17 January 2020.
  2. We, LIOH, STRONGLY CONDEMN such legal proceedings and attempted arrest.
    • Legal proceedings and attempted arrest based on traditional ceremony mean insulting customary practices and violating human rights & democracy standards.
    • Legal proceedings and attempted arrest of an environmental activist for practicing his/her rights to Peaceful Assembly & Freedom of Expression mean violating human rights & democracy standards and threatening the role of civil society.
    • Such unjust charges and attempted arrests are blemishes to current peace process and future federal nation building.
  3. Therefore, we, LIOH demands the government to respect human rights, civic rights, indigenous people’s rights, democracy standards and to immediately drop all the charges against environmental activist Saw Tha Boe.

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Si Thu:                09790739488
Mi Kamoon:    09401601822

Download the statement (English) (Burmese)

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