[This is the announcement that LIOH launched a web-based dashboard monitoring the dispossession situation of Myanmar.]

7 November 2022

The people of Myanmar are facing serious human rights violations of junta especially after the coup 2021. Arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, torching and sealing the housing & properties, grabbing the land and mass evictions are happening as daily basis. LIOH is monitoring and collecting the related information within its capacity in support to bring the justice to those losses and dispossession, and now these situations can be viewed on the maps of LIOH’s website.

Land Grabbing Cases

Land grabbing cases are retrieved mainly from limited sources—the land research of LIOH (2015 & 2020), land right violations documentation activities of LIOH during 2019~2020 (together with the reports of partner organizations) and reliable media news (media tracking activity after 2020). Meaning that the cases shown here is just a tiny portion of actual land grabbing prevalent across the country.

Torching and Sealing the Housing Properties

Initial data for the cases of torching the villages and seizing the housing properties are gathered from reliable media channels and trusted social media accounts. After September 2022, the data related to the torching the villages is partly contributed by the Civil Information Network (CIN).

Map Location and Instruction

The interactive maps can be accessed from the “Dispossession Situation Monitor” under “Action” menu or directly from the link [https://lioh.org/maps]. Filters can be made based on state/regions, townships and date of incidents.

  • Hover the dot on the interactive map to see the related information: Registration code, case category & affected acres of land on the Map-1 and Located area with affected number of houses on the Map-2.
  • Filter the data by using data control – Date range, Case Category & State/Region on the Map-1 and Date range, state/region & Township on the Map-2.
  • [Recommended] Click on the square button at the bottom-right of the map to toggle the map in full-screen. Click on the same place to exit full-screen (back to normal window).

Click here to go to the map page.

Read the detail instruction (in English or Burmese) to use the maps.

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