Statement on the Peasants Day

22 December 2022

On March 2nd of 1962, amid the multi-ethnic conference for discussion on establishing a Federal Union and amending the Constitution, Dictator General Ne Win committed the Coup d’état and started massacre to the peoples; and marked that day as the Peasants Day (the Farmers Day). Revolutionary and political allies never accept the incidence including of marking the peasant day on the date that destroyed the federal visions and killed the peoples. Instead, December 22nd, which was the historical date of the peasant revolutionary leader Sayar San (Supannaka-Galuna-Raja), was recognized as the Peasants’ Day by the democratic allies, and revolutionary allies. Land in Our Hands (LIOH) confirmed the same day as the Peasants’ Day after the Peasants’ Assembly hosted during 21-22 December 2019.

Land in Our Hands (LIOH) issued the following statement honoring this Peasants’ Day happened on 22 December 2022:

  1. We reject the junta’s Farmer Day (previously the Peasant Day) that was made up for covering up the blood-spilled coup and derailed the nation from federal vision. We restate the 22nd of December as the Peasants’ Day.
  2. We honor the peasants and land rights activists who had given, and who are giving their lives by resisting the oppressions and injustices.
  3. We will continue our fights till the end of monopolizing/grabbing the land, destroying the customary lands, and making/exploiting the unjust laws or undermining the federal democratic system.
  4. We clearly denounce the land grabbings, detaining or killing the peasants, and destroying (torching) the peoples’ homes & properties; and we will join the peoples’ movements towards the federal land governance.


Reject Fascism”

Build Federal Democratic Nation”


Land in Our Hands

Download the statement in English, in Burmese.

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