A commentary on the challenging situation of food sufficiency for both short and long term nation building in Myanmar.

October 2022

In February 2021 the Myanmar military staged a coup, throwing the country into a deep crisis. This article looks at the impact of the coup on food production and people’s access to food. It is based on information gathered by LIOH from its own network members and confirms that many problems are currently plaguing the country’s food system – massive displacements; economic constraints; as well as pre-existing problems in the country’s food system. Together, these are driving the country toward a major food crisis.

This article highlights on the current and anticipated food sufficiency situation of Myanmar, together with existing good practices overcoming the possible food crisis. It also helps prepare to feed the hungry in the short term and to envision pro-people food system for a federal democratic union.

Read the paper in English and Myanmar languages.

UPDATED: The paper is now available as booklet versions – English and Myanmar.

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