17 October 2022

Grow Dhamma (Just) – Break Adhamma (Unjust)
Growing by Resisting – Resisting by Growing

16 October 2022 is both the World Food Day (WFD) and 622nd day of Myanmar Spring Revolution. Rural based resistances sparked from Chin, Karenni and dry-zone farms is now spreading out the whole country. Many peasants and working peoples are under the fascist military’s repression including torching the homes, villages, crops and rice barns. Massive displacement means no more farm works and is driving to a food crisis (possibly transforming into famine in near future) – affecting both rural and urban populations.

Food is daily need and also strategic need for revolution. Despite the growing concerns and risks on daily basis, farmers are trying their best seeking ways to grow food, while committing and joining the peoples’ movements ending dictatorship. They deserve deep respects for their efforts and struggles.

Growing food, at the same time, needs land, water resources, seeds, and with the genuine ownership – so that the food producers can work independently and survive with dignity. Being sufficient with nutritious food is the immediate concern, envisioning a pro-people food system is a fundamental concern for the a federal democratic union, and both are the political concerns.

In this regards, Land in Our Hands (LIOH) used the event of World Food Day (WFD) to alert these thinkings together with the connections amongst food, revolution & land – by organizing a photo strike which is safe for public to participate.

Messages (# hashtag) used
#LandInOurHands #LIOH

Some photos participated in the WFD Photo Strike

View on LIOH Facebook Page.

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