26 April 2023

International Seeds Day

The International Seeds Day on 26 April is inform & advocate on:

  • The importance of biodiversity and how to practice seed saving;
  • The dangers of genetically modified food and patent seeds; and
  • How to resist the ability of giant agricultural corporations’ to control seed resources.


Having the quality local seeds and independently is important for food production, in addition to having land with fertile soil. Are the seeds –

  • Local varieties?
  • Free to use & reuse?
  • Suitable for Agroecology (Climate, Pest & Disease)?
  • Demanding a lot of chemical inputs?

The term “free” means “doesn’t need to rely on a particular seed source for continuous seed supply; a particular market or a particular terms & conditions for selling the produce”.

“Owning the seeds is Owning the Food”

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